Bonus MP3: The Farstar - "The Healing Kiss of a Blowtorch"

Farstar takes the whole bunny-ears-in-pictures deal to the next level.

Michael Maney, multi-instrumentalist for the local act The Farstar, is super hyped over his band's upcoming EP--so much so that he just sent over a yet-to-be-mastered cut from said EP for the edification of DC-9 readers. And, bonus, it's not the same one that's been all over KDGE 102.1 FM's Sunday night Local Show--that'd be "Waking Up".

This track, actually, is called "The Healing Kiss of a Blowtorch." Check it out after the jump.

Bonus mp3: The Farstar - "The Healing Kiss of a Blowtorch"

Very Coldplay and U2ish if you ask me--that is, if anyone is asking me. This style of epic, emotional rock must have a place in the Dallas scene, right? And The Farstar appears to have a sound that could garner them some national attention.

The new EP, titled Strange Kids (co-produced by Salim Nourallah and Rip Rowan), will come out later this year, while the band finishes up work on its second full-length album, God be with you, Heaven knows the Devil is, due out in 2010.

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