Bonus MP3: Buttercup -- "Always Alcohol"

Creston Funk III
Why do you build me up, Buttercup? (Too obvious?)

Honestly? I don't know too much about San Antonio-based rock outfit Buttercup . Well, other than the fact that the band spent last fall here in Dallas while Salim Nourallah produced its new full-length release The Weather Here, and that the group managed to nab a pretty sweet Web (and MySpace) address. (Buttercult? Come on, that's pretty cool)

But, for whatever reason, I keep stumbling across mentions of the band, or random people will ask/tell me about it.

Anyway, this afternoon, Buttercup sent us an mp3 for, hopefully, your listening enjoyment. So, after the jump please listen to, or download, "Always Alcohol" from the band's new album.

Then, later tonight, if you like what you hear, you can catch Buttercup at Bryan Street Tavern opening for Mr. Nourallah and his Constellations. I Love Math is also booked to play.

Bonus mp3: Buttercup -- "Always Alcohol"

I don't know how seriously Buttercup takes this whole "buttercult" thing, but, tonight, just to be safe, I'd refrain from insulting anything butter-related while at the show. 

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