The Texas Red Legs Win First Leg Of Shiner Rising Star Contest

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An artist's rendering of Richard Davis, last seen somewhere between Plano and Lubbock.
Last week, I blogged about how one of my favorite local alt-country acts, The Texas Red Legs, were competing in the most recent installment of the Shiner Rising Star Contest.

Well, lo and behold, Richard Davis and crew went out last week and won the contest's first installment at Plano's Love and War in Texas. Here's the video, complete with the judges' commentary--plus various inebriated hooting from the feisty audience.

The second song in the band's three-song set is "Long Way to Lubbock," simply one of the best examples of local Americana I've heard in a long time. Congratulations to The Texas Red Legs and here's hoping that they continue on and win that free recording contract.

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