The Spree Demo Spree Continues, With No Signs Of Slowing...

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So it really looks like Tim DeLaughter is going to keep up with his streak of posting a new Polyphonic Spree demo on his blog every day--for the foreseeable future, at least--which is pretty incredible, if not a little overwhelming.

Anyway, the two latest offerings over at The Fragile Army are called "Meat" and "Breathe" respectively, an they're just as unexpected, direction-wise, as the last few.

At the risk of over-saturating this blog with Polyphonic demos well in advance of the upcoming album's release, I don't know how many times we'll keep linking to DeLaughter's blog. but we will say this: Keep checking his blog for updates, as this is a cool a way to keep the creative process as transparent as possible as we've seen.

But, really, for now, do yourself a favor and go download the demo for "Breathe," which, DeLaugher explains, was a song that popped into his head before he could set up a proper recording set up--so he just grabbed a handheld recorder and went to town. While using the recorder's half-speed effect, no less. The result? A chipmunk-ish love song to Julie DeLaughter, that's certainly worth a listen.

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