Picture Show: DOMAXXI Ceremony at the Granada Theater

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Patrick Michels
Crowd surfing at the DOMAs? CROWD SURFING AT THE DOMAS!

Last night's a pretty hazy one for me at this point, I'll be honest. I think it had something to do with the fact that there really weren't any breaks in the action--mainstage performer into punk stage performer into awards and so on. Or maybe it's the piles of drink tickets I stuffed in my pocket at the start of the night? Dunno.

The memories are flooding back now, though, thanks to Patrick Michels' slideshow of the event. For instance, who remembered that Snarky Puppy started off the night by doing a keg stand when they won the Best Jazz Act award? Not me. Also: Joey Greco was there? Whose idea was that? Mine? Really? And The O's almost got into a fight with Martellus Bennett? Crazy.

Relive it all right here.

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