NPR Names The Gamblers' 'Let's Go Crazy' Cover As Its Song Of The Day. Really.

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riverboat gamblers.jpg
Well, this is somewhat shocking. But true! The fine intellectuals over at National Public Radio have deemed the "Let's Go Crazy" cover from Denton punk ex-pats The Riverboat Gamblers as their song of the day. No, really.

Color us kind of shocked at this revelation. When the Spin magazine Purplish Rain compilation came out last month, we were kinda--well, how should we put this?--underwhelmed by the Gambers' album-leading take on the Prince classic. Nothing against the Gamblers--we dug their last disc and stand firm in our belief that they shout "hey" in chorus with the best of 'em--but this cover, while certainly energetic (par for course with this outfit), just seemed a little, I dunno, forced, I guess.

Oh well. To each their own.

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