(Free) Gig Alert: Deathray Davies At Bryan Street Tavern


A Ghostly Friend Of DC9 took issue with my omission of the Deathray Davies' Sons of Hermann Hall show on last week's Good Friday. I never really considered myself a huge fan, but the fact that the band is doing live shows again is certainly worth pointing out. And another few listens to their super-catchy power-pop gems might just convert me.

So consider this a make-up recommendation: The band is having a free show tonight at 10 p.m. at Bryan Street Tavern in East Dallas. The Tavern, owned by the Barley House's Richard Winfield and Joe Tillotson, has a respectable beer selection and good pizza, and is certainly worth checking out any night, band or not.

Here's hoping for more live music bookings at the joint. 

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