Picture Show: Last Night's Michael Jackson Candlelight Vigil in Duncanville

Categories: Photography
Patrick Michels
From left, Blanca Martinez, Giles Prather and Marcus Smith with candles and Michael Jackson memorabilia last night in Duncanville.

Last night in Duncanville, at the corner of Westmoreland and Wheatland, in the parking lot for a shuttered old Albertson's grocery store, K104 DJ Cat Daddy and a slew of the station's street team and promotions employees threw together a last-minute Michael Jackson memorial--or, more aptly, a candleight vigil--to commemorate the King of Pop.

Next week's print editon will have more on the immediate reactions to Jackson's death at this scene (and others around town as the night moved on), but for now, check Patrick Michels' slideshow of the K104 event.

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