Worst News Of The Day: Calhoun's Calling It Quits (Maybe)?

Categories: DFW Music News
Vishal Malhotra
Say it ain't so, Calhoun. Say it ain't so.

The venerable Preston Jones of the Star-Telegram checks in today with some crappy news over on the Fort Worth daily's music blog: Calhoun appears to be calling it quits after its next gig, on Friday, May 15, at the Aardvark. Click the link for all the details on the likely end of a great area band.

Too bad, too. After getting placed on Chuck a few weeks ago and putting out the great Falter.Waver.Cultivate last year, Calhoun seemed to finally be getting the props it deserved. So, yeah, this news comes as a pretty big surprise.

Here's hoping it's just a temporary recharge for Tim Locke and Co. If it's not though, at least they're leaving on a high note. Best of luck, fellas.

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