Poster Of The Week: The Atoms and The Drams at Club Dada Saturday

Atoms Dada 5-30.jpg
This week's featured poster was designed by Rick Hill, lead singer of The Atoms, which will headline Club Dada Saturday night; opening the show are The Drams.

I loved the cartoon bird with its jug of moonshine, which looks like it stumbled right out of some Prohibition-era cartoon ... until Pete pointed out why it was so familiar-looking. It's Drinky Crow, from the Adult Swim cartoon of the same name and Tony Millionaire's long-running cartoon strip The Maakies. I've got to say, I was much more impressed before I realized it was a lifted image. Nonetheless, it's an eye-catching promotion for what promises to be a drinky show.

Thanks to Atoms drummer Rob Lewis for sending it my way. Anyone who wants to recommend a poster, email me a link or JPG. Or better yet, mail a copy to 2501 Oak Lawn Ave., Suite 700, Dallas, TX 75219.

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