Listen: Play-N-Skillz Go On K104 To Explain Why They Haven't Yet Been Paid For Their Lil Wayne Work.

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On Tuesday afternoon, Play-N-Skillz went to K104's studios and talked with DJ Bay Bay about the recent stories circulating in which they claim they never got paid for their work on Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III.

Turns out, the brothers Salinas aren't necessarily blaming Wayne, or anyone in particular, for their lack of compensation. No, they're just fed up--and perhaps rightfully so--about the situation.

But whereas this talk was promoted as a Big Reveal, there's really not too much to it--well, aside from Play-N-Skillz eating crow and admitting that they never signed any paperwork, and never had Lil Wayne sign any paperwork either. And that they haven't filed a lawsuit yet, either. So the big news is: There is no big news!

The moral however: Run your business right and get a freakin' lawyer to help you out.

After the jump, the interview, pretty much in its entirety, for your listening pleasure.

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