It's Official: Jack Ingram Is One Of Country's Hottest Guys

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No less an authority on hot guys than People has declared Jack Ingram--who started his country career here in Dallas while studying at SMU, and who has recorded live albums at Adair's and Billy Bob's--one of Country's Hottest Guys in a cover expose on the subject.

In its interview with Ingram, the magazine tries to get to the bottom of just where that "rough-hewn sexiness" comes from. Turns out, it's because he grew up in Houston, as he ... explains? Not sure what to make of this quote:
"Rugged, raw and real--that's how I see being a Texan," he says. "Headstrong into the wind, the one that holds out a hand and says, 'Hang onto this, we're going to make it.'"
Also, he runs. That fascinating biographical detail was enough to earn him the title "The Marathon Man," which rolls off the tongue a little more easily than "Headstrong Into The Wind Hand-Holder."

After the jump, the full story, dutifully scanned by our layout editors. Hold your breath, ladies, shirtless pic ahead...


Look out, Hugh Jackman.

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