Got St. Vincent's Actor? OK. But Do You Have Its Two Bonus Tracks?

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If there's one thing not to adore about St. Vincent's just-released sophomore release, Actor, it's that the album includes two bonus track in addition to its listed 11 songs. Only, they're not available on the CD.

Instead, the songs "Bicycle" and "Oh My God" are exclusive bonus mp3s that come with the purchase of Actor on either and iTunes, respectively.

Still, they can be had for less than a combined dollar, so not all is lost.

Wait, why just a dollar? Well, because you can go ahead and buy "Oh My God" on iTunes ($0.99), and you can go grab "Bicycle" from this site, which leaked the bonus track as a downloadable mp3 this morning.

They're nice add-ons to an already stellar disc, so if you've already got the album, you'd be remiss not to get these, too.

(Hat tip.)

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