Giveaway: One Pair Of Tickets For Sleepytime Gorilla Museum At Longhorn Saloon

sleepytime gorilla museum.jpg
This is what happens to Sleepytime Gorilla Museum fans who claim a pair of free tickets and then fail to show up for the show.
Oakland experimental collective Sleepytime Gorilla Museum is bringing its intricate, jarring rock and theatrical performance--costumes, staged play readings and all--to the Longhorn Saloon in Fort Worth tomorrow night. If you don't go for the music or for the spectacle, you could at least gawk at the band's bus or buy some skin-care products.

But if that isn't reason enough to head to Cowtown, how about free tickets? Spune gave us a pair to give away on DC9.

First person to email me with the subject "No Humans Allowed" will be on the list, plus-one, for the show.

Update: Tickets have been claimed. Congratulations to the winner.

Update 2: The winner changed his mind. Contest is on again!

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