Don Henley's Eying Studio Spaces In Dallas

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An interesting item of potential note in this interview with noted UNT alum and North Texas native Don Henley in the Tulsa World today: Seems the Eagle/Boy of Summer/Dirty Laundrist is considering opening up a studio in Dallas. No, really--he says so himself. Might happen this year even. Check it:

Are you working on any new solo material?

No, not actively. I've always got songs running around in my head and I hope to be able to finish those later on this year. I think after the Eagles tour Europe this summer, we're going to shut down for awhile and hopefully I'll have some time to start a solo project.

I've been looking around the Dallas area for a place to set up a studio. I've been looking at warehouses and things like that, so hopefully I'll get some work started this fall.

So, look out, studios. Seems there's a--wait for it--new kid in town.

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