Josh Pearson To Open For My Bloody Valentine

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Josh T. Pearson will open for My Bloody Valentine in Austin tomorrow and in Dallas Wednesday.
Austin Music Hall's web site listed former Denton outfit Lift To Experience on the bill as an opening act for My Bloody Valentine tomorrow night, but the set will actually feature frontman Josh T. Pearson's solo project, says a source close to the musician.

Though the Palladium Ballroom web site doesn't have any opening acts listed for Wednesday's MBV show, Pearson, or "Creepy Guy No. 1" in Doug Burr's "Should've Known" video, will open the Dallas show as well.

The confusion may have stemmed from Pearson's choice of drummers: Lift To Experience's Andy Young. Lift bassist Josh "Bear" Browning won't be joining them for a full reunion, though; rather, The Paper Chase's Bobby Weaver will round out the trio.

The Austin Music Hall listing has since been changed to reflect as much. So it looks like Texas audiences will have to be content with just one reunion return from a long period of inactivity this week.

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