Faux Fox Frontman George Quartz Offers Up Three Free Solo Tracks

Categories: DFW Music News

Over on his La Maladie Tropicale blog, charismatic Faux Fox frontman George Quartz has offered up three solo tracks for download: an instrumental track called "Butterscotch"; a simple but catchy dance track called "Pentagram," and a short, somewhat bittersweet female-sung (don't know by whom, though) organ-synth jaunt called "Theme From 'Divorce Quartz'". They're slightly less rocking, and more simple in their synth-based ways. Either way, it could be worth your while to check these out, if only to keep tabs on this always-interesting (but often mystifying) crew of performers. 

Oh, and why am I posting the above old Faux Fox video? No reason. I just like it. Still.

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