Entertainment Weekly Applauds The Secret Handshake, Offers Stream

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Over on EW.com's music blog today, Dallas mall pop hero The Secret Handshake (aka Luis Dubuc) gets a whole lotta love for "TGIF" the second track (and arguably the best cut) from his upcoming My Name Up In Lights record, which will earn release on Tuesday.

No real surprise that a pop culture rag like EW would take such an interest in the track, in which Dubuc waxes nostalgic (as he often does) on the days when he was too young to drive and was stuck inside watching ABC's Friday night lineup. Check out the opening lines from the song's second verse:
"So, Step by Step, these are Family Matters and why Boy Meets World, I'll never ever know. Who's the Boss here? It's a Fresh Prince. We've got a Full House, let's get this show on the road."
Or better yet, just head over to EW.com and stream the thing. It's about as catchy as pop gets--the type of song you'll secretly blast when no one else is around, and then later deny knowing about.

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