Bosque Brown Gets Its Baby Pitchforked...

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Annie Gunn
Keep your head up, Mara Lee Miller.

Over on Pitchfork this morning, Bosque Brown finds itself getting reviewed and such.

The good news? Unlike the band's friends in the Theater Fire, Mara Lee Miller and Co. didn't have to wait seven months to get the treatment.

The bad? Well... it's a 4.6. And, uh, it's not one of those reviews where the author just slaps a low number on there for credibility's sake. Writes Pitchfork's Matthew Perpetua:
Too often Miller seems like a talented character actress who has somehow been cast in a lead role against type, and the very qualities that would make her charming and memorable in a smaller role become unflattering when exposed to too much spotlight.
To Perpetua's credit, that's about as solid and coherent a criticism as you're bound to find on the site. And one hell of a backhanded compliment, too, which, on some level, is to be admired.

But his earlier description of Miller, where he calls her "Texas' answer to Portishead vocalist Beth Gibbons"? That's a little mystifying.

Anyway, check it out. Absorb it, too. And then forget it.

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