Slow Roosevelt To Reunite On Saturday, May 2, at Curtain Club

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It's been five years now--almost to the day--since Slow Roosevelt officially called it quits.

But, as it now seems, there was always an opening for a reunion: "
Who knows?" frontman Pete Thomas told the Observer in a March 18, 2004, article detailing the band's desicision to end its run. "Some of us may play together again."

And while some of Slow Ro's members, including Thomas, have indeed continued playing together (alongside members of Ugly Mus-tard in the band The Beautiful Disaster), now all of Slow Roosevelt's members are about to hop back on stage together.

A simple sojourn over to Slow Roosevelt's Myspace page reveals all you need to know: The heavy rocking band will reunite for a show at the Curtain Club on Saturday, May 2. Tickets are available via FrontGate for $10 a pop.

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