Pitcure Show: Texas Showcase Showdown at House of Blues

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Mattie Stafford
Saturday night at the House of Blues saw 10 of Texas' finest coming together to perform at the two HOB stages. And it only cost $10 to get into the joint. Quite the steal, really.

And, yeah, we hyped the C3- and Spune-produced event pretty hard last week. But it was actually pretty cool! Doug Burr's performance was chilling as always; Black Joe Lewis' showmanship was off-the-charts, per usual; and, holy crap, was I the only one blown away by how suited Telegraph Canyon was for the big stage? I couldn't have been.

Anyway, for once, I'm going to stop myself from rambling too much. This time, let's allow Mattie Stafford's slideshow of the night to do the talking...

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