NX35 Announces Festival Performance, Speaker Schedule

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Over at NX35.com, which is, fittingly, the home page for the inaugural Denton debut of the former North by 35 South by Southwest day party--but on a much larger scale--the festival's organizers have released the performance and speaker schedules for its four-day jaunt around the Denton Square. Nothing scheduled for Sunday, yet, though, so maybe this is turning into a three-day deal? Not sure.

Either way, check it out:
We'll be blogging the crap outta this sumbitch late next week and through the weekend. And keep an eye out for next week's print issue, in which Daniel Rodrigue speaks at length to Chris Flemmons about the inaugural shindig and I speak with Flemmons about some of the more interesting non-regional acts stopping through North Texas for a NX35 performance.

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