Your Dallas Connection To Guitar Hero: Metallica

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Next month, metalheads and gamers will find themselves on the same playing field, thanks to the upcoming March 29 release of Guitar Hero: Metallica.

But it's not all Hetfield, Ulrigh, Hammett and Trujilo in the mix. Gamers will also be able to play as the great Lemmy (he is God, after all) and, according to an announcement made today, as King Diamond.

So, anyway, you can play as King Diamond when performing his band Mercyful Fate's track "Evil". But snobs might pick up on something: The playable game version isn't the original version of the track. Instead the band re-recorded the track for the game in Denmark. Well, most of the band. King Diamond, per the press release making the announcement, re-recorded his vocals here in Dallas.

Go figure.

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