What's Going On At Lola's Saloon Feb. 24? No Idea.

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Experimental percussionist and No Idea Festival creator Chris Cogburn.
Beginning next week, improvisational/experimental musicians from around the world will be descending upon Texas and Louisiana for the multi-city No Idea Festival. The bulk of the action is taking place in San Antonio and Austin, but the festival includes one night in Cowtown, at Lola's Saloon.

Percussion pioneer Tatsuya Nakatani, Berlin guitarist and electro-acoustic composer Annette Krebs, sound artist Jason Kahn and percussionist Chris Cogburn will perform along with locals including Aaron, Stefan and Dennis Gonzalez, Sarah Alexander, Michael Maxwell and members of Zanzibar Snails as established groups and in ad hoc combinations.

At $10, the event will be a bit pricier than typical club shows. But with rare area performances and unique combinations of players, it should be well worth it.

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