There Are Worse Ways To Spend Your Sunday Morning, I'd Say

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Today, Southlake-based Kari Jobe's first solo CD will hit the shelves of Christian music stores around the country. The self-titled debut is being released by Gateway Create Publishing and Integrity Music (where Jobe's currently featured on the homepage).

And the first single off Kari Jobe, "I'm Singing", has already been getting airplay at radio stations locally and around the country.

While it's definitely not something that I'd probably ever, ever put on my mp3 player, well, I've heard far worse stuff that's been cranked out of the Rube Goldberg apparatus that produces Christian contemporary music.

I can imagine she'll do well. Jobe (pictured, right) has a pleasant, breathy sound.

And, she's not exactly hard to look at either.

Last Sunday, there was a CD-release party at Gateway Church in Southlake, where she is a "worship pastor," which means that if you do like her voice you can probably check her out most Sunday mornings for free.

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