Gig Alert: Goblin Cock Tonight at The Loft

Besides possessing a great name, San Diego quintet Goblin Cock has the brains to go along with its ballsy brawn. Led by former Pinback frontman Rob Crow, the band has all of the subtlety of a pitbull--and that's exactly what makes the band a wonder to behold.

Channeling everything that was cool about Black Sabbath and The Misfits (which, depending on your point of view, could either be a little or a lot), Crow (using the stage name Lord Phallus) has created a beast that revels in killer riffs and vulgar imagery--everything that makes a metal band worth listening to in the first place.

Goblin Cock's just released sophomore opus, Come With Me if You Want to Live, is the best statement of metal purpose since AC/DC's Let There Be Rock. Songs like "We Got a Bleeder," "Big Up Your Willies" and "Trying to Get Along With Humans" gleefully overflow with juvenilia and adrenaline. Metal this self-aware of its cheese factor deserves a place on your Tuesday evening to do list.

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