Big in Poland: Local Doom Metal Quartet Solitude Aeturnus Release New Live CD

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Even though vocalist Robert Lowe is now the full time lead vocalist for legendary Swedish Metalheads Candlemass, his local quartet, Solitude Aeturnus, has a new CD coming out next month.

Hour of Despair, a live effort that was issued on DVD last year, hits the streets in Europe on March 2 and in the States on March 10. Released on the Metal Mind label out of Poland, the effort features songs from the band's 2006 effort Alone as well as the recently reissued albums Into the Depths of Sorrow and Beyond the Crimson Horizon.

Before heading oversees to live out his rock star dreams in Candlemass, Lowe and Solitude Aeturnus were fairly well revered in the Dallas metal scene (see Pete's column about the scene, which namedrops Solitde Aeturnus, in this week's print edition). Lowe has stated that he still wants to keep Solitude and his other Dallas band, Concept of God, going even though he is spending plenty of time touring with Candlemass.

Even though this doom metal stuff isn't my cup of tea, it's nice to see a local guy making himself useful torturing the ears of our Euro brothers.

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