Today In Music News: Beyonce v. The Secret Service, A J.J. Fad Reunion?

Categories: DFW Music News

Your daily dose of music news for Thursday, January 22, 2009...

  • Even the inauguration of Barack Obama on Tuesday couldn't keep Beyonce from goin' all diva on the Secret Service's ass. It seems the building her hubby Jay-Z was rehearsing in for his inauguration concert was part of a five block, no entry, no exit lockdown. And she was none too happy that she had to walk five blocks to her car. And, well, she let the Secret Service know just how much she didn't want to walk in high heels. Not a good idea, B. I believe you are about to be audited.
  • I wasn't aware that people were clamoring for a new J.J. Fad album, but apparently they are. What, you don't remember who J.J. Fad was? That's cool. I barely do, either.

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