Scaraoke Boasted Some Actual Talent Last Night

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rhettsweat.jpgThe folks in attendance last night at "Scaraoke", the weekly Thursday night karaoke event hosted at the Libertine, got to bear witness to something of a treat: Rhett Miller joining in on the festivities.

Or so the reputable Simon McDonald, the bar's owner, tells DC9 via an email: "The very gracious and always humble Rhett Miller just walked into the Libertine... and did a funtastic version of 'Ziggy Stardust'."

Joining Miller in attendance last night were Barley House owner Richard Winfield and Summer Break Records' Robert Jenkins, McDonald says. But Miller was the big attraction.

"Too bad he had to follow my always awesome 'Devil Went Down To Georgia'," McDonald says. "I think I rocked, but he can sing, so let the precious few that were here be the judge..."

In other Libertine news, McDonald says that the bar's weekly, Monday night-held Local Yokel Show, in which only music from locals gets played over the bar's PA, is still going strong. And next week, it'll feature a guest DJ: The great Tom Bridwell (of a bajillion area bands, not the least of which include Olospo and Sorta). --Pete Freedman

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