Gig Alert: Off With Their Heads, Over Stars and Gutters at Rubber Gloves

offwiththeirheads.gifHailing from Minneapolis, Off With Their Heads continues the impressive lineage of Twin Cities punk rock that began with Husker Du, Soul Asylum and The Replacements back in the '80s.

From the Bottom, the band's most recent effort, is packed full of spite and bile, just as good punk record should be. Singer Ryan Young is a manic-depressive mess (one of the album's best cuts, "Fuck This, I'm Out," basically typifies his mental state), but his caged animal yowling perfectly suits the Ramones-ish, meat-and-potatoes backing the band provides for him.

Over Stars and Gutters from Norman, Oklahoma and Denton's Stymie should prove to be more than capable of warming up a sordid collection of misguided youth. --Darryl Smyers

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