White Denim Realizes Labor Day Has Long Come And Gone, Backs Out Of Gig At The Lounge

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Seeing as how I spent the day yesterday apparently dressed as a fisherman from Maine, I'm hardly one to talk about fashion. But Diddy has taught us all well about the appropriateness of wearing white after Labor Day, so this bit of bad news shouldn't come as a total shocker: John Iskander of Parade of Flesh has confirmed that GvB-approved Austin act White Denim has been forced to back out of his Chrismukkah show at The Lounge on Sunday night.

Still, the show, which Iskander promises will bring Jews and Gentiles together in a peaceful setting (no word yet on yamulclauses) will still go on and the two-stage affair will now feature five acts--The Teeners, PVC Street Gang, Cocky Americans, Florene and Top Secret Robot Alliance--instead of the original six. Entry costs have gone down, too, now: It's five bucks for the over-21 set and $8 for the widdle ones. --Pete Freedman

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