Going To Duran Duran's Scheduled Show At The Nokia Theatre Tonight? Uh... Don't.

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OK, game time, kids: How many obscure '80s references can I fit into one blog post about Duran Duran canceling its Nokia Theatre gig tonight? Let's see...

Double Trouble, gang!

In the span of about two minutes, we just got word from both the booking agent of the Nokia Theatre (AEG Live) and Duran Duran's publicist that tonight's Nokia Theatre in Grand Prairie ain't happening. The reason: Keys player Nick Rhodes got an ear infection while the band was touring South America and he's now under strict doctor's orders not to fly while under his condition. So, he's stuck in Panama...which is odd, because, you'd have assumed he'd be stuck in Rio, no? Anyway, the band's gig in San Antonio last night was canceled because of this, and now the Dallas date has been given the ax, too. For those interested in the most minute of details, we've got the press release after the jump.

And for those wondering whenthis show will be rescheduled for, well, bad news: It won't be, says AEG Live rep Robin Phillips.

Oh well. But I definitely got, like, two very obvious '80s references in there. So there's that. --Pete Freedman

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