Art, Music And Free Beer And Wine To Benefit ... Stop Right There, You Had Me At 'Free Beer'

From 7 p.m. to midnight Saturday, art, music and complimentary booze will collide at Continental Gallery for Creative South's Collision 2. Featured artists are Isaac Brown, Kimberly Gloe, Clint Scism and Ange Fitzgerald, and musicians include DJ Pendergrass, Vaqueros Electronicos, Miss Flowerette and Rubba Rode.

Art will be for sale, and proceeds will benefit Arts Fighting Cancer. The poster mentions "door proceeds," but so far I haven't heard if there's a set door charge or suggested donation. I just emailed Scism for clarification, and will update the post when I find out. Should be worthwhile either way. In the most polite way possible, Scism pointed out that the suggested donation is $5, just like it says on the poster. Lower right-hand corner, in case you missed it too.--Jesse Hughey

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