South San Gabriel's "The Arc And The Cusp" Gets NPR's Song Of The Day Nod

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Today, about two-and-a-half months after National Public Radio picked Sarah Jaffe's "Even Born Again" as its song of the day in late August, NPR again takes a break from a pledge drive to honor to another North Texas act. (Thanks to an eagle-eyed Friend of DC9 for the tip.)

This time, the nod goes to Centro-Matic "side project" South San Gabriel for the song "The Arc And The Cusp," off the act's earlier-this-year-released Dual Hawks.

Not surprisingly, writer Andy Young sure seems to dig the track, writing that "It's a sonic feast that takes multiple listens to digest; along the way, it provides a compelling blueprint that Centro-Matic ought to consider following."

Strong words, though.

Me, personally? I still preferred the Centro-Matic half of the disc, although I'm not gonna fault Young for feeling otherwise. But, really, to suggest that Centro-Matic needs to switch up its very distinct formula at this point does seem a little bit much, no? Either way, it's a nice sentiment, and definitely compliment.

Check out the write-up here. And catch sets from both Centro-Matic and South San Gabriel (along with a performance from Chris Flemmons of The Baptist Generals) tonight at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios in Denton. --Pete Freedman

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