Giveaway: Three Pairs Of Tickets To Sunday Night's Legendary Pink Dots Show


OK. Last batch of tickets to give away. On Sunday night, the Legendary Pink Dots stop in to play at the Granada Theater> And if this review of the band's Wednesday night show from our sister paper down in Houston is any indication, it should be a fun time.

The band never asks if you’re ready to rock. You’re not ready, anyway. From the first moment [singer Edward] Ka-Spel’s sinister pseudo-tenor waltzes out of the speakers, it becomes apparent just how unprepared an audience is for the forthcoming willing rape of the mind.

You want in? Drop me an email with "Legend In My Own Mind" as the subject line and you get a pair. Assuming you're one of the first three to do so. Now, have at it.

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winners. --Pete Freedman

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