My Punk Rock Dreams Are Shattered: Johnny Rotten Pitches Butter Now.

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I can't believe it's not punk rock?

Steve Dirkx, one-time member of Dallas’ legendary new wave/punk combo The Telefones, sent me an email this morning containing some sad news about one of my heroes.

Seems John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, of punk godfathers the Sex Pistols, is in a commercial, pitching butter to the masses.

I guess those anarchy days are long gone as Lydon becomes just another small gear in the capitalistic machine. Of course, he's not the first to do this. Other punk legends such as Henry Rollins and Iggy Pop have done some spots for Nortel and Cadillac respectively, but I always held out hope that Rotten would never give in to the man.

Perhaps Lydon is too far past his prime to call this a sellout move; and he does look rather happy throughout this advertisement (check it out, after the jump). But it’s still a kick in my punk rock gut. --Darryl Smyers

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