Giveaway: Tickets To Tomorrow's Edgefest 18 At Pizza Hut Park


If'n you've got the urge to check out Stone Temple Pilots (pictured above), The Offspring and the other bands scheduled to play tomorrow's Edgefest 18 show, well, you've come to the right place, I guess.

The folks over at AEG Live, who are helping the people behind 102.1 The Edge put together the concert, have given us five pairs of tickets to dole out for the show. Because they're coming along so late in the game. we're not gonna run this giveaway the way we normally do, though.

Instead, it's much simpler: First five people to show up to our offices at the corner of Oak Lawn and Maple and ask about the tix at our front desk each get a pair of tickets to the show. We'll let you know when we've run out. --Pete Freedman

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