Easy, Tigers: Let's Not All Wave The White Flag On Tomorrow Night's Cardinals Show Just Yet

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A couple astute (and no doubt Google News-reading) Ryan Adams fans have reached out to DC9 today looking for some info about tomorrow night's Cardinals show at Grand Prairie's Nokia Theatre.

Why? Well, 'cause Adams and Co. canceled last night's show in Kansas City and, already, tonight's gig in Tulsa.

Not surprisingly, the fan sites are busy today speculating about what this means, both for the future of the tour and for the mercurial Adams' health (mentally and physically). At current time, Adam' publicist is just saying that Adams has fallen ill.

What does this mean for the Dallas gig? Dunno.

"This is a day-to-day thing at this point," Adams' publicist says. But she promises to drop us a line tomorrow on if the show won't take place. If that happens, we should know by noon.

And, of course, when we know, you'll know. --Pete Freedman

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