Dallas-based Blockdot Company Creates Hip-Hop Video Game For VH1...

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...and, OK, I'll say it: The game kinda sucks. I don't really understand why sometimes I get a perfect score and sometimes I get a "No Good!" when it seems like I'm scratching the decks at just the right time. The press release announcing the game doesn't really give me any clues. Neither do the game's own instructions. But, oh well! My highest score is 2300. Feel free to try and beat me. I'm sure you'll have no trouble.

Anyway, the game was seemingly created to coincide with VH1's current programming obsession with hip-hop, which features, namely, the current 100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs countdown, and the upcoming Hip-Hop Honors special (Flavor of Love and Charm School reruns notwithstanding).

The 100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs countdown, at the very least, is fairly entertaining (see the whole list here), although, I do have some gripes with it. No "White Lines", really? "Regulate" all the way down at No. 98?

And, what? No "My Dougie"?


Surely, though, locals will complain about the lack of The D.O.C. anywhere on the list--although I think we can all take solace in the fact that, thankfully, "Ice Ice Baby" did not make the cut (and that the Rob Van Winkle-bashing "Pop Goes The Weasel" did, right at No. 70). --Pete Freedman

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