Bonus MP3: Blackbird Harmony -- "Caution & Dispatch"


This week, we brought you a review of Blackbird Harmony’s second record, Hardwood Exits, a collection of dark country noir from local songwriter Evan Birdsong, recorded by Eleven Hundred Springs’ Steve Berg in Garland.

(Before you scoff, just remember: Red Headed Stranger was also recorded in Garland, which bests just about any album ever recorded in Dallas proper, save maybe the works of Robert Johnson.)

The record as a whole is a strong one, and the lonely shuffle of “Caution & Dispatch” is one of its highlights. Check it out...

Bonus mp3: Blackbird Harmony -- "Caution & Dispatch"

Aided by the vocals of Bosque Brown’s Mara Lee Miller and the plaintive pedal steel of Eleven Hundred Springs’ Danny Crelin, the song is a bittersweet duet perfect for late, windy nights in North Texas. --Noah W. Bailey

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