The Latest Chinese Democracy Release Rumor Launched In Dallas, Apparently

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Let's be honest with ourselves: The 13-year-in-the-making Guns N' Roses maybe-masterpiece Chinese Democracy probably won't be coming out on November 25, no matter the reports.

But if--if!--the recent rumors of a Best Buy-exclusive release are, indeed, true, you can credit a Dallas-held Best Buy vendor convention for being the source.

Says this report:

The unconfirmed report came from a "vendor convention" held by Best Buy last week in Dallas, where Guns manager Andy Gould reportedly told 900 Best Buy employees the news before previewing three songs.

So there's that. And although it this report first got mentioned on Rolling Stone's site and has been all over GNR fanboards, there's been little actual confirmation of its truth. Billboard's tried to do as much, but has only been able to confirm that the Best Buy-exclusive sales deal may or may not be kinda close to completion. --Pete Freedman

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