Poster Of The Week: Jonathan Tyler and Northern Lights, We Are Villains


I knew as soon as I saw this week's featured poster for tomorrow's Jonathan Tyler and Northern Lights show on the We Are Villains MySpace page that it would be the winner. I'm a sucker for circus-themed art to begin with, and this flyer is especially well done. The simulated torn top edge, complete with remnants of older pasted-over handbills, is a nice touch. Still waiting to hear back about who the artist is, but I'll update this post as soon as I do.

And in a somewhat related note, I'll never look at elephants the same way after the chapter in Michael Chabon's great new book, Gentlemen of the Road, wherein a war-trained pachyderm brutally kills a man. The rampaging beast in this poster isn't helping. Jenny, far as I'm concerned, you're on your own.--Jesse Hughey

Update: The artist is Ty Clark, who manages We Are Villains in addition to being a fashion designer and founder of Veritas .

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