Giveaway: Tickets To Catch The Mogwai/Fuck Buttons Show Tomorrow Night At The Granada Theater

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In this week's paper, we featured tomorrow night's Fuck Buttons show at the Granada Theater--because, really, any excuse to get the word "fuck" into the paper...--but, obviously, in doing so, we kinda glossed over the fact that Fuck Buttons was, y'know, opening tomorrow night's show for fellow U.K. instrumental act Mogwai. Mogwai, which is about to release another disc, is obviously a favorite among post-rock fans, lyrics be damned, and, combined with Fuck Buttons, this should be one helluva show (if a little lacking in the vocals department).

So on that note, first three people to email me with "Fuck Mogwai" each walk with a pair of tickets to tomorrow night's show.


Oh, and stay tuned, because we've got a LOT of tickets to give away today... --Pete Freedman

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