Giveaway: Three Pairs To See Sunset Rubdown At The Granada


Maybe you saw Jesse Hughey's story on Spencer Krug (pictured above) and Sunset Rubdown in this week's paper and said to yourself, "Wow, that guy's in a lot of bands I really like--like Wolf Parade and Swan Lake, and Sunset Rubdown! If it weren't for this damn economy, I'd be at this show. If only there were a free way in..."

Well, DC9 reader, in the event that your thoughts on the story were this contrived and specific, you're in luck. Because, as the subject to this post implies, the fine folks at the Granada are hooking us (and, thus, you) up with three pairs of tickets to tonight's Sunset Rubdown gig (which will also feature Hospital Ships and Denton's own Fight Bite).

First three people to email me with "Snake's Got A Ticket" in the subject line get a pass into the show for themselves and a friend. Have at it. --Pete Freedman

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