Basically, If The Cowboys Go Undefeated, PlayRadioPlay Is Screwed.

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Don't know if he's going to be keeping this up all season long, but thus far into the NFL season, Fort Worth resident Daniel Hunter (aka PlayRadioPlay) has been keeping up a pretty cool tradition, offering his Myspace friends a new, free download on his page as a mini-celebration each time the Cowboys win a game this season. With the 'boys looking as good as they have been this year, Hunter could end up giving away a lot of songs--well, assuming he keeps this thing going the whole season.

I guess when you're 19 and you've already been there, done that with the major label universe, you can afford to make the kind of decisions that a major would frown upon.

And by "frown upon", I, of course am implying that it's a) progressive, b) a good way to expand your fan base, and c) keeps your current fans happy.

How dare he. --Pete Freedman

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