Poster Of The Week: The Slow Burners, Stumptone and Shibboleth


This week's PoW was designed by George Neal, lead singer of The Slow Burners. Makes sense, as the kittys' marching band uniforms aren't too far removed aesthetically from the old-timey martial attire Ryan Thomas Becker sports on the cover of the band's Returning to the Air EP.

Tomorrow's Slow Burners/Stumptone/Shibboleth show should be a fun one for those still upset over the breakup of Little Grizzly, fans of countrified psychedelia, lovers of lounge-pop instrumentals or people who just like bands that start with the letter S.--Jesse Hughey

Update: Neal contacted me to clarify that he isn't solely responsible for the poster: "I got the cat images off Flickr under a CC license from Michelle Kopczyk a.k.a. Potato Benevolence."

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