How Good Was Ozzfest? Good Enough For It To Stay In Frisco? Likely, Sharon Osbourne Says

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Vinnie Paul celebrating something completely unrelated to this post during last weekend's Ozzfest ordeal in Frisco. (Roger Caldwell)

Don't know how we missed this one--OK, being out of town on vacation probably has a lot to do with it--but, on Friday, Billboard reported that Sharon Osbourne thought Ozzfest went "fantastically well." Funny, so did Jesse Hughey! Anyway, the piece continues along, crediting more and more positive vibes to Ms. Prince of Darkness:

"Osbourne says plans are for Ozzfest to return to Dallas again next summer, likely as a two-day festival, and other cities are also being considered. 'Ozzfest ain't going anywhere,' she says."

So there you have it. Good news, right? Anyway, we've also got a call into the Osbourne's publicist, so we'll let you know if we get any more details from Sharon to this end. --Pete Freedman

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