The New Frontiers' "The Day You Fell Apart" Was Played On The Real World Season Finale Earlier This Week

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Shit's about to get really real in here. (Gabriel Hernandez)

Like, OMG, guys! This is big! Not quite Forever the Sickest Kids getting played on The Hills, but still...

Anyway, on this week's season finale to MTV's The Real World: Hollywood (which, between you and me, is easily the worst season of the show ever) Dallas' own Militia Group-signed indie rock act The New Frontiers had its song "The Day You Fell Apart" used in the background.

And it all went down during this totes adorable scene with Will (the dreadlocked player) and his girlfriend Janelle (who is from The Real World: Key West--another season of the show altogether...Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is up with that?!?!?!). And they were, like, strolling through the Hollywood hills hand-in-hand, being all cutesy and talking about their futures and stuff.


It was...awesome.

(Eh, not really, but that's still a pretty big score for The New Frontiers. Hell, we all saw what happened to FTSK after its The Hills nod. Big things, people! Big things.) --Pete Freedman

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