Black Rebel Motorcycle Club To Perform At Club Dada? Looks Like It.

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Black Rebel Motorcycle Dada? (Tessa Angus)

Looks like Dada's keeping up on its promise to "create an A-plus venue, a kickass place for live music"--at least on the booking side of things.

If you head on over to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's Myspace page, you'll see something of interest on the band's upcoming shows calendar--like, say, a "special acoustic performance" scheduled to take place on August 1 at Club Dada.

The show's not up on Dada's Web site, though, and Dada co-owner Ben Tapia says nothing's been confirmed on his end...yet. Were I a betting man, though, I'd say book it, folks.

Oh, and expect that mother to be packed to the gills. BRMC's private performance at the Granada in May (as a promotion for Jack Daniels) was reportedly a fairly crowded affair--despite taking place on the same night as another pretty big show. --Pete Freedman

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