Like You Need Another Reminder: DOMA Ceremony Kicks Off At 8 p.m.


Sorry things have been slow over here all week. We've been kinda busy--you know, putting together a little awards show thingy.

Kicks of at 8 p.m. at the Granada tonight, and, uh-huh, it's free to attend. Show up, preferably en masse, then, oh, just enjoy it.

Me? I'll be running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Say hi if you see me running by. I'll try to respond--best I can at jogging speed.

A quick announcement, though: Dove Hunter had to back out of tonight's show (for the same reason the band had to bow out of Saturday's showcase). Sick members. Oh well--and feel better guys.

Filling in for Dove Hunter tonight: THe BAcksliders, who, if you saw them perform on Saturday night at Sugar Shack, you know brings it just fine, thanks.

So...see you tonight? Yessir. --Pete Freedman

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